Heirloom Bridal Accessories – From Bride to Baby

Investing in bespoke bridal accessories for your wedding day is a wonderful way to ensure you have something to pass down as an heirloom to the next generation.

Bride Sam contacted me several years ago to enquire about a bespoke order of a necklace to match the Vintage Blossom Bouquet Sash and Vintage Blossom Bouquet Comb which she had already purchased.

Vintage Blossom Bouquet Sash

Vintage Blossom Bouquet Comb

I made a lovely set for her which looked absolutely stunning on her wedding day.


Sam Molloy Vintage Bride

Well Sam recently got in touch to share the wonderful news that she’d had her second baby girl, and she sent us the most beautiful photo from her newborn photoshoot where she used the Vintage Blossom Bouquet Sash as a prop for her newborn photoshoot.

Heirloom bridal accessories

Sam’s bridal accessories are truly becoming heirloom pieces – she told me that, one day, her eldest daughter would be given her necklace and hair comb to wear on her wedding day, and her newest little girl will receive the sash. I can just imagine how these two little girls will treasure their heirloom bridal accessories and dream of the day they get to wear them just like their Mummy.