Rose Gold Engagement Rings: 8 Perfect Choices

Rose gold is huge right now. And I am LOVING it. Rose Gold, which fits so perfectly with the ever favourite Blush Pink, is just the most beautifully warm, feminine colour. So of course, I would be totally smitten by rose gold engagement rings.

I’ve chosen here my 8 favourite rose gold engagement rings – and surprised myself when I took a step back and realised that all but 2 featured a halo design! But with the halo engagement ring being such a big trend in itself, and being so beautifully vintage inspired, harking back to Edwardian days, it is only natural that this would have creeped into my subconscious retail brain.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings



  1. Etsy
  2. Natalie K
  4. MDC Diamonds
  5. Jean Dousset
  6.  Natalie K
  8. Jeen Jewels

I love the Morganite ring choices above – morganite is a gorgeous semi-precious stone in beautiful shades of blush pink and so is the perfect stone to accompany rose gold engagement rings. Set with a halo of diamonds and perhaps pavé set diamonds along the band, it would be absolutely perfect.

While I absolutely adore my Art Deco style emerald cut engagement ring with baguettes along the shoulders…

(a little like this)

Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

Source: The Jewellery Editor

I could be tempted now by one of these gorgeous rose gold engagement rings. I think No.3 would be my top pick.

Did your other half propose with a rose gold engagement ring? I’d love to hear!