Wedding Hair Accessories for Short Hair

Pixie Bridal Hair Accessories

Have you been wondering what kind of wedding hair accessories for short hair would work for you? Or perhaps you’ve been thinking you’re going to have to grow out your super cute pixie hair cut in order to “do something” with your hair on your wedding day?

Well I’m here today to tell you you absolutely do not have to grow out that pixie hair cut.

In fact, you are actually in luck, because most wedding hair accessories for short hair actually look fantastic – in some cases even better than on longer hair styles! Just take some inspiration from Emma Watson.

Bridal Headpiece for Pixie Hair
Image source: A Beautiful Little Life

While most wedding hair accessories should work really well in short hair, there are a few things to bear in mind to make sure your hair accessories look fabulous and stay put all day long.

The 5 Key Rules for Wedding Hair Accessories for Short Hair

1. Go for a headband.

Bridal headbands are the easiest wedding hair accessories for short hair to wear. Most bridal hair accessories can be made onto a headband, and the band can then just be placed into your finished hairdo. You can then style your hair over the band so it is all but invisible.

Almost all Victoria Millésime headpieces can be set on a band, and we only use very thin, super comfortable bands (no headband headache!) which are wrapped in ribbon to blend in seamlessly with your hair. Our Twisted Laurel Rhinestone and Pearl Bridal tiara is a great example of a ribbon-wrapped headband which blends perfectly with our model’s hair as the image below shows.Rhinestone and Pearl Bridal Tiara


2. Bigger is better!

If you are wearing your short bridal hair in a tussled style, a small hair piece may get a little lost in the volume. Try a larger headpiece to really make a statement. In this next image, our bride Emily totally rocks our Jazz Age Sparkle and Feather Headdress.

Bridal Headpiece for Pixie Hair
Photography by Taphouse Photography
Bridal Headpiece for Short Hair
Photography by Taphouse Photography

3. Avoid combs and hair pins.

If you have a pixie or short hair cut, you’ll probably know by now that hair combs are a bit tricky to wear. There isn’t really a lot of hair for a comb to hang on to. Having said that, it’s not impossible to wear a comb if you fall in love with one – your hairdresser should be able to create a criss-cross of hair pins that you can tuck the comb into, especially if the comb isn’t super heavy.

But if you have the choice, definitely opt for a piece set on a band or a ribbon. Our Flower Queen Rose Tiara, on a wire base with a self-tie ribbon, would be a perfect bridal tiara for short hair. Flower Queen Rose Tiara

4. Try a Halo.

Bridal halos are very popular for 2016 and for good reason. So easy to wear, flexible and feminine, they are one of the best wedding hair accessories for short hair. Take some inspiration from the ever gorgeous Keira Knightly wearing this beautiful red halo in her short, tussled brown hair. This style is just so natural and feminine.

Bridal Crown for Short Hair
Image source: Wedding Club

Our Odette Gold Orchid Bridal Crown is a perfect choice for a bridal halo for short hair.

Gold Bridal Halo for Short Hair

5. Pick a Birdcage Veil.

While a traditional veil can be harder to wear with short hair (although definitely not impossible!), a birdcage veil was almost made for short hair, and adds a perfect feminine touch to your bridal look. Here our bride wears our Vintage Silk Rose Birdcage Veil which looks just perfect with her short wedding hair style. You can see the rest of Louise’s gorgeous wedding, beautifully captured by Helena Amor, featured on Love My Dress here.

Wedding Hair Accessories for Short Hair
Photography by Helena Amor
Wedding Hair Accessories for Short Hair
Photography by Helena Amor

So there you have our 5 Key Rules for Wedding Hair Accessories for Short Hair. Don’t be afraid to rock a beautiful headpiece with your short hair style on your wedding day.

And always remember: Rules Were Made to Be Broken.