23 Reasons to be Grateful for Autumn

I have to confess: this post has nothing to do with weddings really. Or wedding jewellery. At all.

It’s just me sharing my love for my absolute favourite time of year.

You know that moment, usually in mid to late September (although sometimes in August here in the UK!), when the smell in the air changes slightly. There’s a crispness to the early mornings. The light starts to fade a bit earlier in the evening. You get the urge to get out your beautiful leather boots (these are mine) and cosy cashmere cardies.

There is so much to love about Autumn. Mother nature at her absolute finest as shades of gold, auburn and deepest red sweep across the landscape. The crackling of leaves under your feet as you walk across the park. The scent of cinnamon replacing your summer candles. The excuse to stay home and cuddle up with your loved ones, to bake cookies or watch movies.

If you’re one of those spring/summer people (and I get you, I really do), you should probably stop reading here. But if you’re like me and can’t wait to get your vanilla/cinnamon/ginger stove scent on the go, here are 23 reasons to be grateful for Autumn.

23 reasons to love autumn

  1. Nature’s incredible autumn colours. Just take a look out your window as you’re driving and see how Mother Nature treats us every single day.

beautiful autumn foliage

source: Guiddoo

2. Crispy Autumn leaves. They’re great to crunch underfoot, beautiful for Autumn decorations, and abundantly free for kids’ crafts.

autumn leaves crafts

image: Moon & Trees via Bloglovin

3. Autumn walks through the park. For us it’s London’s Hyde Park during the week, and the New Forest on lucky weekends. Take a deep breath of that earthy Autumn scent.

autumn walks in orange duffle coat

image: A Clothes Horse

4. Fresh Autumn air through your windows. You can finally open your windows to air that hasn’t been scorched by the sun all day. Throw open those windows and air out your house. Nature is definitely the best air freshener.

autumn trees

image: Simplemente Maria

5 and 6. Autumn centre pieces. These look and smell gorgeous, last for ages, and can for the most part be found for free on your forest walk.

autumn centre pieces

image: Wedding Venues

autumn centrepiece

image: SaraLynn Paige

7 and 8. Cosy Autumn blankets. Yup, get ’em out. It’s time to start snuggling up on the sofa with your boxed sets. Not only are they super cosy, they also look so fabulously home-y folded up in a pile.

autumn plaid wool blankets

image: The Berry

autumn plaid wool blankets

image: Dream Book Design

9. Autumn hot drinks. Yup, the pumpkin spiced latte. For about a month, I can’t get enough of it. Also, if you’re looking for a homemade vegan alternative, Oh She Glows has a great recipe here (I’ve recently been making a lot of vegan food, as we try as a family to eat and live healthier).

autumn coffee drinks

image: PlayBuzz

10. Autumn tea & biscuits. You can start getting out those cinnamon-y teas and enjoy them with homemade gingerbread biscuits. Wrapped in your favourite autumn jumper of course. mmmmmmmm…..

Gingerbread biscuits

image: Nordic House

11. This little guy. The squirrels are out hunting for nuts to “squirrel” away for the winter. My little girl is going to go crazy for them.

autumn squirrel in a tree

image: Reasons for Loving Seasons

12. Autumn apple picking. I’ve been looking forward to doing this with my little girl ever since she was born, as it’s top on my list of annual family rituals to establish.

autumn apple picking

image: Laura Trevey

13. Autumn fires in the hearth. Sadly we don’t have a working fireplace in our house, but it’s top on our list for the next house. Add in some cocoa and that’s my perfect night right there.

autumn fires

image: Anthropologie

14. Autumn Stove Top Scent Pot. Simmering stove top scent pots are a fantastic way to make your house smell amazing. Just chuck a few basic ingredients into a pan of water and leave it on a very gentle simmer. You get all the scent as if you were baking an apple pie, but without the hassle of, well, baking an apple pie. Here’s a great recipe for this autumn scent pot.

autumn stove top scent

image: how sweet it is

15. This.


image: bloglovin’

16. Cinnamon ice cream. Autumn is a great reason for cinnamon. Everywhere. I actually can’t get enough cinnamon. How about  big dollop of cinnamon ice cream on that homemade apple pie you didn’t make (see 13). Head to Destination Delish for the recipe.

cinnamon ice cream

image: Destination Delish

17. Autumn Spiced Apple Bread.

spiced apple bread recipe

image: Joy Love Food

18. Autumn Wreathes. Back in America (where I spent most of my childhood and adolescent years), people decorate their houses for pretty much every season and holiday throughout the year. Here in the UK, decorations tend to be reserved just for Christmas. I think I’m going to change that. Starting with a beautiful Autumn wreath.

autumn wreathes

image: Stephanie Lynn

19. Pumpkins. Pumpkin pie, pumpkin spiced lattes, pumpkin scented candles, pumpkin soup. All of it.

autumn pumpkin recipes

image: imgfave

20. This Autumn nut brittle recipe.

autumn nut brittle recipe

image: Adventures in Cooking

21. Gingerbread cupcakes. OK, so gingerbread might be heading a little bit toward the Christmas end of Autumn but I’m declaring an amnesty. They’re allowed.

autumn gingerbread cupcakes

image: Lady Behind the Curtain

22. Autumn mulled wine. When you’ve had enough of the pumpkin spiced lattes and are in need of something a little bit stronger.

Autumn mulled wine

image: Buzzfeed

23. Harry Potter Inspired Pumpkin Pasties.

pumpkin pasties

image: Pop Sugar


So there you have it. 23 reasons why I love Autumn. Not a bridal headpiece or sash in sight. Let’s just file this one under “personal.”