The Wedding Garter: Tradition and Tips

My customers often ask me – “why does a bride wear a wedding garter?” Many brides choose to wear one, as wearing a wedding garter is simply part of wedding tradition, but often they’re not really sure what the point is!

So I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to unearth the mystery of the wedding garter.


Wedding Garter Tradition

wedding garter image credit: Maxeen Kim Photography

The Garter Belt – a Practical Necessity


Wedding Garter in History

Between the 18th to early 20th century, garter belts were narrow bands of fabric fastened around the leg to help hold up socks and stockings. Both men and women wore garter belts as a practical necessity. However, the invention of elastic in the early 20th century made the use of garter belts less necessary. Because manufacturers could now incorporate elastic into the fabric of the socks and stockings, they would stay up with without the use of a belt.
Nevertheless, garter belts continued to be worn for fashion. Even today, they are still considered a beautiful  and luxurious item of lingerie.


The Wedding Garter in History

It is said that the history of the wedding garter dates back to the dark ages. It was tradition way back then for guests at a wedding to accompany the bride and groom to their bedroom after the ceremony to ensure they got there safely. Because it was considered good luck to take a piece of the brides’ clothing home, these events often got quite out of hand!  In time, this evolved so the bride managed to escape the rather unpleasant business of her clothes being torn off (!) and the groom would simply toss the garter instead.


Today’s Wedding Garter Tradition

Wedding Garter Tradition

wedding garter image credit: Maxeen Kim Photography

Today, many brides continue to wear a wedding garter under the wedding dress. Some brides just love carrying on these wedding traditions (like also wearing something blue!). In addition, the bridal garter makes a lovely keepsake from the wedding, and can be handed down to future generations.

Lastly, don’t feel you need to toss your garter! So many brides love their garter, and hate the idea that they won’t be able to keep it with their wedding memories. If you want to keep your wedding garter, do! Some brides will purchase both a garter to keep and a simpler, symbolic one to toss. The choice is yours! After all, it is your wedding, and yours alone. As ever, do what makes you happy!


Victoria Millésime Wedding Garter Collection

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