Pearl Bridal Halo – Travelling Hundreds of Miles to Find Your Perfect Headpiece

Beautiful bride Catherine came to see me at my studio back in September (you can read here about the studio I worked from before we opened The Boutique in Fulham). She had travelled all the way down from the Midlands as she had seen a pearl bridal halo (this one)

Blush Pink Pearl Bridal Halo

on my website that she had completely fallen in love with. But she wasn’t confident that this was really going to be the one for her without trying all of my bridal hair vines on. So she set off one Saturday morning for an outing to London to see all of my bridal headpieces for herself.

The Appointment to Try Her Perfect Pearl Bridal Halo

Catherine arrived an excited bride, eager to try on lots of sparkly headpieces and halos. She trawled through my collection for a little while (you can see all of my bridal halos here), but couldn’t resist the pearl bridal halo she had come to see. After spending just 15 minutes with me, she knew that the halo she had so loved online was just as pretty in real life. She had found her perfect bridal headpiece.


Catherine’s Pearl Bridal Halo in Real Life!

pearl bridal halo on long hair

Catherine recently sent me these photos from her wedding (I just love it when brides send me their photos! I don’t often get to see my headpieces in action). She was so right – the simplicity of the pearl bridal halo she chose is just perfect against her gorgeous long, curly red hair (slight hair envy here). I adore how the drape of the halo follows the curve of her hair perfectly. It gives a very relaxed, natural look. Her pearl bridal halo also looks just exquisite with that long flowing veil.


Visit The Boutique to Find Your Perfect Pearl Bridal Halo

If you have seen something you love on my website but just aren’t quite sure whether it will work for you, why not book an appointment in our beautiful London bridal shop The Boutique in Fulham (right next door to Chelsea). And if you want to read more about wedding hair vines just click the link to get to our definitive guide on wedding hair vines and halos.

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