Do I Have to Toss My Wedding Garter?

This is one of the questions I get asked most frequently…. “Do I have to toss my wedding garter?”

Many brides have spent a considerable amount of time choosing the perfect wedding garter for their outfit. Therefore they are naturally concerned about tossing it halfway through the day, and never seeing it again!

There is a long history surrounding the wedding tradition of tossing your wedding garter – I actually wrote whole post about it here. But just because it’s tradition, doesn’t mean you have to! For many brides, their box of wedding keepsakes is a far more important consideration than rigidly sticking to tradition.

Other brides may also feel awkward or embarrassed about removing their wedding garter in front of all their guests. Another good reason to skip it!

Do I have to toss my wedding garter?

(photo Natasha Hurley)

Do I have to Toss My Wedding Garter? Option 1: Skip It All Together

You can easily skip the whole practise and nobody will notice. Seriously. By the point of the evening when brides typically toss the garter, most people are many, many, many glasses of champagne in. So it is unlikely anyone will even notice you’ve skipped this tradition.

The added perk of skipping the wedding garter toss is to avoid the awkward moment when all the single men and women have to line up to try to catch it. Seriously, your single friends will thank you for not making them announce their Bridget Jones spinster status in front of the entire wedding party. Probably best to pass on tossing the bouquet in this case as well.

Do I have to Toss My Wedding Garter? Option 2: Buy a Toss Garter

Another great option, if you want to keep your wedding garter in your bridal trousseau for years to come, is to buy a separate toss garter specifically for the occasion. This is typically a very simple version of your garter which is designed to be worn just before the toss, and is really only meant to be symbolic of the tradition. This way you get to partake of the traditional toss, but also keep your own wedding garter. We have just added the option of including a toss garter with your order – this is available on each garter product page. You can view all of my wedding garters here

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