A Bridal Back Necklace for Real Bride Laura

Laura came in to see me at The Boutique in the springtime, looking for a pearl side tiara to wear for her wedding. From the moment Laura came into the shop, her strong sense of style was evident, and we spent a wonderful hour trying on lots of different options for her bridal headpiece. After settling on the beautiful Autumn Glow Side Tiara, Laura then asked whether I might be able to design a bridal back necklace for her alongside her headpiece.

Designing the Bridal Back Necklace

Designing Laura’s bridal back necklace was no easy task! We knew exactly what we wanted it to look like. A series of connected pearl sprays that would gracefully move and dance on Laura’s back as she walked down the aisle in her low backed dress.

At the front, we designed an asymmetric delicate pearl detail that would complement the pearl sprays on the back without upstaging them!

However designing a bridal back necklace is trickier than it might seem. The laws of physics very much come into force here. The backdrop necklace can’t be much heavier than the detail at the front. Otherwise its weight will drag it down and pull the front of the necklace up to the throat.

So we had to very carefully balance out the weight of the detail at the front with the detail at the back of this wedding back necklace.

Finally! We Found the Perfect Design For This Bridal Back Necklace

Thankfully after trying several different options, we hit on the perfect balance between the two. Laura’s bridal back necklace hung beautifully down her back. Therefore it rested at the perfect height just a few inches above the top of her dress. Meanwhile the delicate detail at the front nestles beautifully just underneath the collarbone.

After all our hard work designing Laura’s bridal back necklace, Laura was absolutely thrilled and sent us the loveliest email alongside these images.

I just wanted to drop you a line to say a massive thank you for the beautiful jewellery and hair piece you did for me, I absolutely loved them and am so pleased with how they turned out.  I’ve attached a few photos from our day for you to see how great it all looked. I’ve been telling people all about your boutique and will continue to spread the word.

Wishing you all the best for your future.




All images credit: Steph Newton Photography

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