Lace Bridal Garter: A Beautiful Black and White Getting Ready Photo

I love seeing our customer’s wedding photos – there are so many super talented wedding photographers out there. When Georgina sent this stunning black and white photo of her putting her lace bridal garter on I simply had a to share it. Photographer Barney Walters manages to capture that perfect balance of shadow and light.

Georgina’s lace bridal garter really takes centre stage in this photo as the lightest point of the photo. The shadows surrounding it add just a hint of romance to this getting ready photo.

The morning of your wedding is such a wonderful time to capture those special photos of you and your best friends and closest family. It’s such a special time for a bride (I remember it well!). Everything is a buzz of excitement and anticipation. Often this time goes by in a complete blur. It is so easy to be so focused on the actual ceremony. But make sure you take some time out to reflect on how wonderful it is to have all of your favourite people together. Everyone is there to help you get ready and make sure you have the best day of your life.

I’d highly recommend having your photographer around for this getting ready time. Whether it’s to capture a candid snap of you putting on your lace bridal garter like this one. Or whether it’s to grab that image of you and your best friend that you will treasure forever. These are the photos that make memories.


lace bridal garter


Georgina wrote this wonderful feedback about her lace bridal garter.

I spent ages looking for a garter that wasn’t too blingy, just classy, and also one that in some small way paid homage to my late sister, Victoria. When I stumbled across your name and website I knew that I needed to buy my garter from you! You make very beautiful things!

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