What Is A Toss Garter?

By popular request, we have just introduced a new toss garter to our products. However just as many brides have asked me – what is a toss garter?

Well, most brides choose to wear a garter on their wedding day. My very informal research suggests this is a pretty high number – brides just love those little traditions that make their wedding day so special. But many of these brides hate the idea of having to toss their beautiful garter to a crowd of women. When you put so much effort into finding something so beautiful, brides want to keep their wedding garters to put away with the rest of their wedding treasures.

toss garter

So here is where the toss garter is such a clever idea. Basically, you have TWO garters. One is super pretty, perhaps a personalised wedding garter with your initials in sterling silver. The other is a replica, but made with just the lace. It is a small additional purchase (just £8.50 – you can find the toss garter listing here) that solves all your problems.

So when the time comes for all the bachelors at the wedding to gather together for your groom to toss the garter, you simply pop on the toss garter. The groom takes this one off your leg and tosses it to the men (to see who will be the next to be married, ha!). And you keep your treasured real garter to keep for years to come in your bridal trousseau.

Wedding Garters UK

Such a simple, but genius life hack for this problem!  And now you know the answer: what is a toss garter?

You can add a toss garter to any of our made in the UK wedding garters – we will make it to the exact same size as your real garter, and in the same lace colour, but will simply leave off any additional adornments. So it will be a simple band of pretty lace – perfect to toss!

You can browse our entire wedding garter collection here. Or if you’d like to come into The Boutique to see them for yourself and discuss all the options available, just get in touch here!