Rose Gold Hair Combs

What’s The Deal With Rose Gold?

Although Rose Gold jewellery probably dates back further than you think, its more recent popularity can be seen just through browsing the diverse range of products now available in that gorgeous pink hue. Our brides in particular have been loving the choice of Rose Gold, specifically Rose Gold Hair Combs, often complimenting the subtle and romantic pink undertones of their wedding dress, whilst also creating a beautifully striking piece.

Why Choose Rose Gold Hair Combs?

The practical nature of wearing a hair comb on your wedding day has always been why Brides have loved our combs so much. They slot naturally into your chosen up-do whilst also maintaining the feeling that nothing is there. Therefore they don’t weigh you down! And with Rose Gold Hair Combs, the possibilities of styles and designs are endless. You are no longer confined to only selecting certain tones, or attempting to perfect match hues. Being that Rose Gold is generally made from Gold with the specific addition of copper or silver, its undertones can be diverse, depending on its shade. So gone are the limitations of warm gold tones, or cool silver tones. Instead, any bride can have a field day creating their own unique Rose Gold hair comb.

This gorgeous bespoke piece made of Rose Gold enamel leaves, combined with crisp crystals and luxurious gold flowers, perfectly fit together to make this uniquely striking piece.

Even with larger designs like this gorgeous Rose Gold Bridal Hair Vine, the comb supports the weight of the entire piece. Thereby without feeling like you’ve got something heavy and structurally solid in your hair.

Rose Gold Bridal Hair Vine

The Freya Rose Gold Bridal Hair Vine is a beautiful example of the rose gold hair combs we have in our collection. The delicate enameled petals are beautifully set off against the pearls

Freya Rose Gold Bridal Hair Vine

So for any Bride unsure as to what their feelings are about Rose Gold, or for those who haven’t yet considered the practicalities of wearing a Hair Comb, feel free to book an appointment here with us at The Boutique. For other inspiring Rose Gold Hair pieces, head on over to our blog!