Bespoke Wedding Hair Accessories: Why You Shouldn’t Buy Off The Shelf

What Are Bespoke Wedding Hair Accessories?

Essentially with bespoke wedding hair accessories, you are the designer. You have the ability to create, mould and choose whatever your heart may fancy in order to create the perfect bridal hairpiece for your very special wedding day.

How Do Bespoke Wedding Hair Accessories Compare to Off The Shelf?

Creating your own bespoke piece allows you to design something entirely personal to your wedding day and unique to your own style. Off the shelf bridal headpieces may tick the boxes of being beautifully sparkly, intricate and perfectly shaped. However they don’t always suit everyone as they are not made with you specifically in mind. Does the colour match your dress? Is the metal colour the same as those heirloom earrings you will be wearing?

After spending some time with the help of our designers, you can create your very own bridal headpiece, a signature item that will stand out on your wedding day. Whether its heavy on the pearls, popping with vintage inspiration or even working in some family jewels, we’d be happy to help you create the piece of your dreams.

Why Choose Victoria Millesime to make your bespoke bridal accessories?

Simply put, we try hard to work with each and every bride that comes through our doors to create the perfect accessories for their special day. How often can most people say they’ve worn a bespoke bridal hair piece?  We pride ourselves on making your life as easy as possible. As we know how much added stress arrives with the start of planning a Wedding. We not only guide you through the process of designing and perfecting your bespoke piece, but also are happy to send you optional updates as the piece takes shape in case any last minute changes need to be made. With your design ideas and our years of training and hard work, we can provide you with the cherry on the top of the cake for your Wedding day.

Below are just a few examples of bespoke wedding hair accessories and bridal jewellery we have made for our brides over the years. If you’d like to chat about creating your own bespoke wedding accessories, simply pop us an email here  or book an appointment to visit us at The Boutique here.

The Boutique is home to both our beautiful shop as well as our studio where all the magic happens, so we have everything on hand to show you design options, finished examples and everything in between – a truly inspirational place.

bespoke pearl wedding necklace london

Joanna-bespoke-marcasite-and-pearl-bridal-comb Hannah-bespoke-vintage-wax-flower-bridal-headpiece Sian-Bespoke-headpiece-and-bridal-sash-real-bride Emma-bespoke-vintage-bridal-sash-comb Bespoke Vintage Bridal Necklace






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Photography by Gill Woods
Photography by Naomi Kenton