How To Rock Affordable Wedding Hair Accessories

For many brides, choosing their hair accessories is one of the last things to tick off their list before the the wedding day. Unfortunately this often means that they have stretched their budget as far as it will possibly go. Thankfully we offer plenty of affordable wedding hair accessories that still allow you to have a beautiful, bespoke handmade bridal headpiece with a price under £100.

So what are the best options for choosing affordable wedding hair accessories that will still make a statement on your wedding day? Here we will look at 4 great tips for making your budget go further.

Affordable Wedding Hair Accessories Tip No. 1: Pair a Hair Vine with Fresh Flowers

We a wide selection of wedding hair vines that all come in under £100. These are ideal for pairing with fresh flowers. Wear the hair vine like a halo across the front of your head, and adorn the back of your head with fresh gypsophila flowers. This way you get a beautiful statement piece for your hair, while also having a gorgeous heirloom piece of jewellery to keep for future generations.

Some of our favourite hair vines under £100 are:

The Larkspur Hair Vine (£95)

Larkspur Pearl Wedding Hair Vine

Limonium Wedding Hair Vine (£59)

Limonium Cheap Wedding Hair Vine

Affordable Wedding Hair Accessories Tip No. 2: Combine A Selection of Hair Pins

Hair pins are a great way to choose affordable wedding hair accessories. You can pair two or three hair pins together to make a larger statement headpiece, and often leave with change from £100.

Some of our favourite wedding hair pins are

Gold Leaf Wedding Hair Pins (£80 for a set of two)

Gold Leaf Wedding Hair Pins


Gypsophila Pearl Hair Pins (£29 each)

The image below shows a set of three Gypsophila Pearl Hair pins – which would set you back just £87. The other great thing about these pins is that the you can easily wear them again as a single pin tucked into a loose bun, perhaps to a summer soiree!

Baby's Breath Bridal Hair Pins
Gypsophila Bridal Hair Pins

Affordable Wedding Hair Accessories Tip No. 3: Look Out For Our Sample Sales

While they don’t happen very often, we sometimes run sample sales where our shop samples and photoshoot pieces become available at a big discount, often of 50% or more off the retail price. We do this to make way for new designs, and generally our shop samples are in perfect condition. It’s always worth asking what samples we have on sale.

Affordable Wedding Hair Accessories Tip No. 4: Choose Lace

Lace underlays are a fabulous way to add impact to a bridal headpiece while at the same time keeping the costs down. Our Celebration Blush Pink Lace Bridal Headpiece is a lovely example – and at £145 it makes a beautiful statement (a great alternative to a wedding veil) while keeping costs down.