How to Wear a Veil With Wedding Hair Accessories

Many brides ask me how, or even if, they can wear a veil with wedding hair accessories. They often assume that they have to choose between the two. If they wear a veil, it will be too complicated to also wear a bridal headpiece with it.

Well, I’m pleased to tell you this is not the case at all! You can quite easily wear both your veil and your favourite wedding hair accessories together. So thankfully you won’t need to compromise on your wedding day style!

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How to Wear a Veil With Wedding Hair Accessories: The Comb

A wedding hair comb is probably one of the easiest and most suited wedding hair accessories to wear with a veil. Simply style your hair in your chosen style, slide in your wedding veil, and tuck the hair comb over the top! The hair comb can usually be placed to beautifully enhance the veil, as if the two were made together. If you are wearing your hair down, you may need to twist a few sections of hair and secure with pins first. This will give you something secure to tuck the combs into.

We can also very easily adjust our comb designs to use two small combs at either end, so the comb can fit around the comb of your wedding veil. Simply get in touch to find out more!

How to Wear a Veil With Wedding Hair Accessories: The Birdcage Veil

This is another question that frequently comes up. My brides love the idea and look of a birdcage veil. But they want to wear it with a headpiece. How can this be done? Well first, let me tell you birdcage veiling *can* be a little tricky. It is very stiff and tends to have a mind of its own! But that just means it needs a little guidance!

You have two options when putting on your birdcage veil. You can either wear it over the top of your headpiece, like in the photo above, or underneath your headpiece. Which you decide will depend on how much fullness you would like for your birdcage veil.

To wear your birdcage veil over your headpiece, simply position your headpiece onto your head first. Then carefully slide the comb(s) of your birdcage veil underneath the band of your headpiece from behind. To manage the netting even further, use a few hair pins to tuck pieces into place until it is in the perfect shape. This may take a little practice!

(Another little tip for managing birdcage veiling temper tantrums is to steam your veil gently over a kettle. This will soften the netting and release wrinkles!)

To wear your birdcage veil under your headpiece, simply position the veil first, then pop your headpiece over the top. You may then need to further tweak and adjust the veil, as you don’t want too much of the veiling sticking out behind the headband as this will just look a little odd.

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How to Wear a Veil With Wedding Hair Accessories: A Bridal Headpiece

This is one of the easiest ways to wear a veil with wedding hair accessories. As you can see in the photo above, the veil and bridal headpiece complement each other beautifully. But equally, they don’t compete, and don’t conflict in the bride’s chosen hair style. This is one of the easiest ways to pair your wedding veil with your wedding hair accessories, and doesn’t really require much explanation!

I hope this post has helped address some concerns around how to wear a veil with wedding hair accessories. As you can see, they are definitely not mutually exclusive! And if you’re still not sure, or need a little help, why not book an appointment to visit our beautiful shop in The Boutique & Co. We love giving advice and helping brides perfect their wedding day look. We have a selection of veils available in The Boutique, or you are more than welcome to bring your own if you have already purchased one!