Custom Wedding Hair Accessories & Why We Love Them

We get so many brides coming into our beautiful boutique in West London looking for custom wedding hair accessories. They often tell us they have spent many many hours online looking for the perfect piece, and just can’t find the right one to match the image in their heads.

We adore this kind of bride. She is looking for something truly unique, and has a strong vision of what she wants to look like on her wedding day. But she just needs a little bit of help. Well that’s where we come in. Over the last 8 years, we have made hundreds of custom wedding hair accessories. Not only that, we have made custom earrings, necklaces, belts, you name it we’ve done it!

While some brides come in to see us at The Boutique and need a bit of help to crystallise that vision in their heads, other brides know exactly what they want and just need someone to make it for them! Well we can happily do either.

Why We Love Making Custom Wedding Hair Accessories

There are so many reasons, but here are a few why we just love making them.

  1. We love a bride who has a strong vision for her wedding day. Our wedding hair accessories are not your typical accessories found in bridal boutiques. So it goes to figure that our customers aren’t your typical brides. No, our brides generally have heaps of boards on Pinterest. Some have powerpoint presentations (yup, true fact). Many others have whole folders of screenshots grabbed from instagram on their phones (generally tucked away somewhere safe where their other halves can’t see them!). And we love these brides as they aren’t afraid to ask for what they want!
  2. It stretches our imagination and creative skills. Every time we get a customer in who wants a bespoke piece made, it adds a little feather to our creative bow. Whether it’s sourcing a new material we’ve never worked with before, or learning a new skill to make the perfect piece, it’s all adding to our creative arsenal, making us better artists than we were before. So we thank you!
  3. Sometimes they even end up as new collection designs! Yup, sometimes we love your ideas for custom wedding accessories so much, we add the finished product to a new collection.



Some Examples of Custom Wedding Hair Accessories

While we have made hundreds of custom wedding accessories over the years, here are just a few examples. Perhaps they’ll inspire you to seek out your own bespoke headpiece. Or maybe it’s actually the exact bridal headpiece you’ve been searching for all this time!


wedding back necklace

bespoke pearl wedding necklace london

Natalie & Graham at Northbrook Park

Custom Wedding Accessories - Gold Crown

Custom Wedding Accessories - Gold Crown

If you’d like to visit us at The Boutique (the gorgeous boutique partnership we opened in 2016 with Tori Harris Makeup) please just pop us an email at and we will get you booked straight in.