Timeless Wedding Hair Accessories – Our Top Tips

Here at Victoria Millesime we generally avoid trends. We just make hair accessories that we love and think are beautiful. After all, there is nothing more timeless than a piece of jewellery that you love and think is beautiful. Therefore choosing timeless wedding hair accessories is as simple as that. Go with your instinct, choose something you love, and you can’t really go wrong.

Vintage Bridal Tiara for Jenny Packham Bride
A bespoke Victoria Millésime bridal headpiece

However we would be amiss if we didn’t offer a little guidance here. And generally we would go by this rule of thumb. Timeless wedding hair accessories should be there to make you, and your dress, look even more beautiful. They should not steal the show. Your wedding day is about you and your husband. When you walk down the aisle your guests should be looking at you and seeing the emotion on your face (while of course admiring your dress and accessories!).

Now this doesn’t mean you should choose small hair accessories. Its just that there is something suitable for everyone. If your dress is very delicate with French Chantilly lace, perhaps choose a pearl wedding headpiece to perfectly complement it.

pearl bridal side tiara wedding london
Lily of the Valley Side Tiara

If your dress is more of a fitted, 1920s or 1930s style dress (which by definition is timeless as it has been in fashion for almost 100 years!), choose a sparkly, beaded side tiara like this one.

Silk Wedding Veil London

Whatever timeless wedding hair accessories you choose, make sure you choose a piece with your heart. Try to avoid recreating a Pinterest photo that isn’t true to your own style. And most of all, make sure your accessories (and everything else about your style) is helping you be the very best version of you.

We’re always here to help you choose the perfect bridal accessories – do get in touch to book an appointment or simply ask us advice. We love helping brides complete their wedding day look.