Bridesmaid Hair Pins – The Ideal Gift

We are very much heading into the busy season now at Victoria Millésime! The shop is bustling with brides popping in to pick up last minute wedding accessories for their impending weddings. (did you know we always have stock samples to sell for those last minute weddings? So you can take them away on the same day!) And one of the most frequent request we get is for bridesmaid hair pins.

Often our brides will purchase a beautiful headpiece for themselves here and then love the idea of getting coordinating bridesmaid hair pins for the best girls!

Iris II Blue Wedding Halo
Iris Wedding Halo

Bridesmaid Hair Pins – Colour Coordinating

Bridesmaid hair pins
Iris Hair Pin

As everything here is made to order, we can offer so many customisations. We can use Swarovski crystals in every colour of the rainbow to add to our designs so they can perfectly coordinate with your bridesmaid dresses. This is a really popular choice with brides to help them tie everything into their colour theme.

Bridesmaid Hair Pins

Our enamelled leaf hair pins are also a really popular choice as we can customise those with a very wide range of colours. In addition, they can be made on gold, silver, rose gold or copper wire. This is perfect for brides looking to match the bridesmaid hair pins to another piece of jewellery they have bought for their girls.

Bridesmaid hair pin

How Many Hair Pins Should I Choose For My Bridesmaids

For bridesmaids, we usually recommend 1-2 hair pins. They don’t generally need to have the fullness in style that a bride would have. A single pin on its own can look really lovely, while a cluster of two is a great option to make a little more of a statement. Alternatively, they can have one pin on each side depending on their chosen hair style.

Whatever you decide, we are always here to help. Feel free to get in touch here and we can answer any questions you have. Or if you are able to get to our London shop, it is well worth the trip to see all the accessories in one place.