Clay Flower Wedding Hair Comb

We just love it when we receive photos back form our brides after the big day! And we’re head over heels with how Georgina’s look turned out. We designed a bespoke clay flower wedding hair comb for her using the most delicate little freshwater pearls. These were set on either side of a little bouquet of ivory clay flowers to fit perfectly over her delicate veil.

We often suggest pairing little freshwater pearls with a lace dress. The two just seem to go together beautifully, with the gentle twisting of the freshwater pearl sprays picking up the floral pattern in the lace. In this case the ivory tones of the pearls pair perfectly with the ivory clay flowers.

In Georgina’s words:

“I just wanted to say thank you once again for helping me to design my wedding clip – it was perfect! I have attached an image of your beautiful work.

Thank you so much,

Clay Flower Wedding Hair Comb

Bespoke Clay Flower Wedding Hair Comb Service

We have quite a few designs of  clay flower wedding hair combs and of course we are constantly designing new pieces. We also regularly make bespoke hair combs.

Our process for designing bespoke pieces always starts with a relaxed conversation about your ideas. We love to see photos of your wedding dress, your shoes, your flowers and anything else that might help. If we are doing this at The Boutique, feel free to bring in as much as you can! (yes we’ve even had brides bringing their wedding dress!). And if we are working together over email, you can send us all the photos you could think about.

From here, we will come up with some design suggestions, sending you mock ups of the materials laid out together until we come to a design that you love.

The next stage is creating the first draft, with lots of photos to you in the meantime. We can then alter, tweak, adjust as many times as you’d like. We want you to be 100% happy with the finished piece, and we won’t stop until you are.

If you’d like to start a bespoke wedding accessories conversation with us, just pop us an email or get in touch here.