What Is A Two Tier Wedding Veil?

So often when brides come to visit me at my London Boutique to try veils, they are overwhelmed by all the options! They so often tell me they had no idea there were so many choices! Here today I’m going to answer one of the most common questions: What is a two tier wedding veil?

what is a two tier wedding veil?

So What Is A Two Tier Wedding Veil?

Well, the simple answer is that it has two parts. It has the main part of the veil that falls down your back to the floor. It then also has a second part that you can wear over your face at the beginning of the ceremony. This is called the “blusher tier.”

Traditionally, brides wear the blusher tier over their face as they walk down the aisle of the church. At the front, the father of the bride then lifts the blusher tier back to reveal his daughter’s face as he “gives her away.”

Now lots of brides hate the idea of this. Often they feel it is an outdated practise. And particularly for brides having a civil ceremony this seems like an odd practise. In fact most brides getting married outside of a church would not use the blusher tier over their face.

What is a two tier wedding veil

So Should I Wear a Two Tier Wedding Veil?

This is a good question. Even if you’re not going to use the blusher tier over your face, you can still choose a two tier wedding veil. The additional tier will add more volume to your veil. It will also give a lovely definition along the edges of the blusher tier. This is particularly effective with a pencil edge veil (which just has a very thin line running down the edge).

Ultimately though, the choice really is yours. Have that blusher tier if you want it. And if you don’t love it, then don’t have it! We’re big fans here of doing what makes you happy on your wedding day. There are no firm rules to follow anymore. And definitely don’t do something you don’t want to just to make someone else happy.

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