A Beautiful Bespoke Green Wedding Halo

Brittany came to see us in Spring last year, and was just the nicest bride to meet! We had a wonderful time designing her bespoke green wedding halo to perfectly complement her custom wedding dress. Her incredible dress was made by the super talented Charlotte from Wilden Bride who we have had had the pleasure of working with several times before!

All photos are by the wonderful Rebecca Vale

Designing Your Bespoke Green Wedding Halo

Can you describe your wedding style?

I didn’t really have a style in mind, per se. We basically ended up with us in a wedding. We had handmade nerdy signs and Harry Potter references. I made my own bunting and centrepieces. We had crayons (for the adults) and board games. We had llamas and a live rock band. I wanted it to be casual, fun and feel like the open house barbecues we used to have at home when I was growing up. And it did!

What wedding dress did you choose?

I’ve always known I wouldn’t wear white, so while I tried a lot of stuff on, I knew in my heart it’d have to be made. I met Charlotte (of Wilden London) online and then in person. She sketched up an idea in the first meeting that was basically unchanged right through the end. The result is a green silk, ballet-length, v-neck dress that has gold embroidery in stars, ferns (and a baseball), etc. I want to wear it every day.

How did you find Victoria Millésime?

I googled ’wedding tiaras London’ after looking at a lot of, to be honest, shit, online. I thought I had to see things in real life. And the next thing I knew, I was designing a tiara!

How was the process of designing your accessories with Victoria?

The process was so simple and fun! I hardly realised I was doing it, honestly. I simply talked about what I’d be wearing, what I liked and didn’t like, and then there you were with an idea. Bam. Easy as that. And I loved the end result pretty much instantly.

Any advice for future brides?

I considered ‘hair pieces’ to be somewhat of a luxury buy. Like that’s nice to have, but in a budget-friendly wedding, my hair is good enough, thank you. And I remember handing my debit card over thinking ‘ok I’m actually buying a tiara now.’ But I haven’t regretted it for a second. I remember getting on the bus afterward smiling because I knew it was the right decision. And looking at the photos, it was worth it. It made me feel like a princess. It was also a much more cost-effective option than I was expecting!