Why choose bespoke bridal hair accessories?

Over the last ten years of business, we have designed hundreds of bespoke bridal hair accessories. In fact, these days almost every piece we make involves some element of bespoke design. This is particularly the case since we opened our lovely bridal accessories shop in Fulham, West London.

So why should you choose bespoke bridal hair accessories for your big day?

Well, for starters, we don’t charge for our bespoke service. That’s right. If you want to make tweaks and changes to an existing design, we will only charge for any additional materials, size etc.

This means you can have bespoke bridal hair accessories for the same price as buying an off the shelf piece. Your bridal headpiece or jewellery will be yours and yours alone, and you will never see it on anyone else.

So you’ve been struggling to find the perfect accessories to match your dress, veil, or other jewellery? Well choosing bespoke bridal hair accessories is the answer. Your design will be entirely customised to you.

So what does bespoke really mean?

It doesn’t mean simply changing silver to gold, or vice versa. (Although of course we can do this!). No, as literally each piece is handmade to order, we can customise pretty much anything. Here are just a few examples of changes we can make:

  • Swapping pearls for crystals; crystals for pearls
  • Adding length or making a piece shorter
  • Swapping a headband for a comb, or adding loops to pin in
  • Adding Swarovski crystals to coordinate with your colours

Can I design my bespoke bridal hair accessories from scratch?

Yes of course! We do this allll the time. Whether you have a sketch already done and you just want us to turn it into reality, or if you need help to bring your entire Pinterest board to life, we can do that.

The best way to do this is to come into our London boutique so we can chat through your ideas and photos and look at existing pieces. But if you can’t make it then we will happily chat over email, telephone or even Skype!

Have a browse of our bespoke gallery to see the huge variety of designs we have made in the past. And when you’re ready to discuss your own bespoke bridal hair accessories, just get in touch here or give us a call on 0203 441 9620.

x Victoria

A small selection of our previous bespoke work