How To Rock Affordable Wedding Hair Accessories

affordable wedding hair accessories

For many brides, choosing their hair accessories is one of the last things to tick off their list before the the wedding day. Unfortunately this often means that they have stretched their budget as far as it will possibly go. Thankfully we offer plenty of affordable wedding hair accessories that still allow you to have a beautiful, bespoke handmade bridal […]

Introducing The 2018 Wedding Hairpieces Collection: The Botanist Collection

Carris Gold Wedding Crown

Introducing the 2018 Botanist Collection of Wedding Hairpieces We are so excited to be introducing our brand new collection of wedding hairpieces for 2018: The Botanist Collection. This collection has been about 18 months in the making, and draws strongly on my love for botanicals. The natural shapes of leaves and florals are so beautiful to […]

Bespoke Wedding Hair Accessories: Why You Shouldn’t Buy Off The Shelf


What Are Bespoke Wedding Hair Accessories? Essentially with bespoke wedding hair accessories, you are the designer. You have the ability to create, mould and choose whatever your heart may fancy in order to create the perfect bridal hairpiece for your very special wedding day. How Do Bespoke Wedding Hair Accessories Compare to Off The Shelf? […]

Lace Bridal Garter: A Beautiful Black and White Getting Ready Photo

lace bridal garter

I love seeing our customer’s wedding photos – there are so many super talented wedding photographers out there. When Georgina sent this stunning black and white photo of her putting her lace bridal garter on I simply had a to share it. Photographer Barney Walters manages to capture that perfect balance of shadow and light. Georgina’s lace bridal […]