Wedding Garters UKWedding garters is often the thing that baffles brides most. Do you need one? When do you take it off? For that matter, when do you put it on? And why is it so hard to find UK Wedding Garters that are delicate and pretty!

Well we’re here to help! In this post we will answer all of your questions about wedding garters. And we will also show you how our made in the UK Wedding Garters are utterly beautiful and classic – no horrid satin-y frills here!

So What Are UK Wedding Garters?

Wedding garters have a long tradition. In fact, it’s so long, we wrote a whole blog post on wedding garter tradition! These days, most brides like to wear a wedding garter as a nod to tradition. After all, one of the things that makes weddings so wonderful is the long history of traditions that are associated with it. Just like carrying a bouquet, having bridesmaids, and “something blue,” wearing a wedding garter is one of those things that makes weddings special.

These days, wedding garters in the UK can take many forms. You can have lots of frills and ribbons or simple and elegant like our lace wedding garters. At Victoria Millésime, we have intentionally chosen to design our wedding garters in the UK as simple, pared down and classic. Today’s wedding dresses are typically much more fitted with a slim silhouette. We believe that the frilly, fussy garters of the past just aren’t right for today’s modern dresses.

For our UK wedding garters, we use gorgeously soft lace adorned with the most delicate satin bow and tiny Swarovski “something blue” crystal. Or choose our Orchid Wedding Garter which adds something a delicate jewelled orchid and freshwater pearls to your garter – a little piece of jewellery under your dress.

How Do I Measure For My Wedding Garter?

All of our UK wedding garters are made to order. That means that your wedding garter is made just for you, to your exact measurements. Simply measure your thigh about 3 inches above the knee and let us know the measurement. We will take care of the rest!

What Colours Are Your UK Wedding Garters Available In?

As standard, we offer our bridal garters in ivory, blush pink and nude. These three colours have proven extremely popular with our brides.

Will My Wedding Garter Stay Up?

As all of our made in the UK wedding garters are made to measure, you can rest assured that your bridal garter will stay up. However to be extra confident on your wedding day, we always include a piece of fashion tape free of charge with your order. This little cheat will keep your garter up all day and all night!

When Do I Take My Wedding Garter Off?

This is such a common questions. Many brides choose to only pop their garter on just before the toss. However even more brides these days are choosing not to toss their wedding garter at all. (Read the next FAQ for why you don’t have to toss your wedding garter!). With the fashion tape that we include with our bridal garters, you can wear your wedding garter all day, knowing it will stay up as long as you do!

Alternatively, of course, you can opt to just wear your garter in your “getting ready” shots with the photography. And perhaps pop it back on again before you retire with your new husband at the end of the day!

Do I Have To Toss My Wedding Garter?

We get this question so often! We hear it so much, in fact, that we wrote a little blog post about it. “Do I Really Have To Toss My Wedding Garter?

Are Your UK Wedding Garters Handmade?

Yes, absolutely. We take great pride in all of our designs, and each bridal garter is handmade to order in our London studio. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to discuss a bespoke wedding garter.