Wedding Hair Vines: The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Perfect Piece

Ultimate Guide to Wedding Hair Vines

Wedding hair vines have been a huge trend for 2017! And they certainly look set to continue to be super popular for 2018. Their popularity lies in how well they work with today’s popular wedding hair styles. 

Here at Victoria Millésime, we take great pride in our beautiful selection of handmade bridal hair vines.  

What Exactly Are Wedding Hair Vines?

Wedding hair vines are long, flexible hair pieces made on thin twisted wire that can be shaped to any design required to suit your hairstyle. We make our wedding hair vines in a variety of tones, including silver, gold, rose gold and copper. We can also source other shades of wire, like pale gold and a natural brown wire for a truly natural floral hair vine. You can browse all of our bridal hair vines here.

Generally wedding hair vines are set with delicate, twisted sprays and branches of pearls, crystals and other materials. Our hair vines are designed to look very natural and organic. And when set with little freshwater pearls they can look just like long branches of tiny delicate baby’s breath flowers. 

Wedding hair vines generally don’t have any combs attached to them. That is why you can pin these into your hair wherever needed. This gives them the flexibility to be worn anywhere you like. However if you prefer, we can add hair combs to any of our bridal hair vines for extra security.

How Should I Choose From All Your Wedding Hair Vines?

First, decide on how you will be wearing your hair and what look you like for your wedding hair vine. Will you be wearing your hair down? Or in a long loose braid? And would you like your wedding hair vine to sit all the way around your head before winding down amongst your hair? Or will you be wearing it purely at the back of your head?

All of these questions will decide on the rough length of hair vine you will need. Any of our bridal hair vines can be made to whatever size you require. If you have found a hair vine on our website that you  love, just pop us an email to request a custom order for a specific size.

The other thing to consider is how wide and full you would like your wedding hair vine. Some of our vines are very delicate and slim.

Blush Pink Pearl Bridal Halo

These look fantastic extra long to wrap around your hair several times. Others are much fuller and wider, and look great starting from the side of your head and woven into a broad plait. Alternatively these wide, full wedding hair vines also look great pinned across the back of the head.

Handmade Floral and Pearl Brial Hair Vine

Of course, we also love creating completely bespoke wedding hair vines. With all the brides that come into The Boutique – our West London bridal shop, many have a very defined idea of what they would like. We just love working with these brides to create their dream bridal hair vines! Simply pop us an email to discuss your ideas. 

What Materials Do You Use For Your Wedding Hair Vines?

As mentioned, we typically make our wedding hair vines in gold, silver, rose gold or copper. The materials we use to adorn the hair vines then vary hugely! We have pearl hair vines made with either freshwater pearls or swarovski pearls. We also have flower hair vines set with the most delicate clay flowers made in Italy! And our Swarovski crystal hair vine is also so popular, as brides love a little bit of sparkle.

Handmade Crystal Bridal Halo

I’m Wearing My Hair Down. Can I Still Wear a Wedding Hair Vine?

Of course! as with many of our wedding hair accessories, you can absolutely wear a wedding hair vine with your hair down. 

One option is to wear the hair vine as a halo, tied with ribbon or pinned at the back of your head. Another option is to simply pin it along the side of your hair and into some loose waves in the back. The trick with wearing wedding hair vines with your hair down is to create little twists of hair with hair pins first. That will give you a little bit of structure to pin the bridal hair vine in.

Hair vines also look fantastic in half up half down hairstyles. Simply secure into the section of your hair that is pinned up, and then gentle curve down through your loose waves.

Freya Rose Gold Bridal Hair Vine

How Are Wedding Hair Vines Secured Into My Hair?

Our wedding hair vines typically have loops at each end. Pin these into your hair first. Then your hair stylist can pin the hair vine further down through your hairstyle. She will simply add hair pins that will be invisible in your hair to secure it along the way.

If you are wearing your hair in a loose plait, the hair vine can simply be plaited into your hair as it is done. This is a great way to wear your hair vine, and so popular right now.

So Are Wedding Hair Vines Right For Your Wedding Day?

So have you decided on your perfect wedding hair vine? Will you wear your hair vine in a long loose plait? Or in a beautiful half up half down hairstyle? Browse all of our bridal hair vines here. Or book your appointment to come try them in our beautiful London bridal shop. Here you will be able to try all of our pieces on. And you can even discuss your wedding hair and makeup with The Boutique’s co-founder Tori Harris.